Swedish Massage

manSwedish massage is the combination of long soothing strokes, compression and percussion movements and friction techniques to break down toxins, increase mobility and relax and soothe muscles. Full body treatment includes the back, legs, abdomen, arms, décolleté, neck and shoulders, face and scalp. Great for relaxation or rejuvenation. Pre-blended aromatherapy oils are available.

Full Body Massage (1 hour) £40*
Intensive back, neck and shoulder massage (30 Mins) £25*

Deep Tissue Massage

Using a combination of Swedish massage and pressure point techniques, this massage breaks down lactic acid in muscles. It also improves flexibility and mobility by improving circulation; as well as aiding lymphatic drainage. Good for athletes, gym-goers and stressed out executives!

Full Body Massage (1 hour) £45*

Intensive back, neck and shoulder massage (30 Mins) £30*

Pre-blended Oils Massage  

1 hour £45     30 Mins £28

Revitalising Massage

Using a pre-blended energising oil to recharge, revive and top up your energy levels. Powerful ingredients can overcome sluggishness as well as stimulating circulation.

De Stress Massage

Incorporating a combination of relaxing ingredients, this massage will soothe and calm the mind, body and soul. Essential acids and oils can rebalance your senses and ease nervous tension.

Muscle Ease Massage

This pre-blended oil contains elements to ease muscular aches and help alleviate bruising. Potent ingredients can help reduce imflammation and act as a decongestant.

Detox Massage

A pre-blended detoxification oil used in this massage can eliminate toxins from your body to help you feel uplifted and rebalanced. The different elements combine to cleanse and decongest the body.

Massage for Pregnancy

Using a traditional massage couch but with bolsters and cushions for support, this massage treats the pregnant woman in a slightly different way by massaging the back and legs whilst lying on their side. The front of the body is massaged in a semi-inclined position to ease pressure on the lower back. A lovely relaxing massage to ease the lower back and legs; and soothe the belly. A basic grapeseed oil is used.

Full Body Massage (1 hour) £50*

headmasIndian Head Massage 

Indian head massage is a holistic treatment based on the ayurvedic Indian healing system. It balances the mind, body and soul and is used to relieve stress and tension in the face, scalp, neck, shoulders and upper arms.  The treatment may performed while the client is fully clothed or with the back, neck and shoulders

exposed; and uses oils which have been traditionally used to maintain strong, healthy, shiny hair.

30 Mins £27*

stonesStone Therapy

A combination of hot and cold stones is applied to the body in conjunction with hands to provide a deep tissue massage. The heat relaxes muscles and creates a feeling of comfort whilst the cold stones reduce inflammation. As oils are used, the therapist easily glides the stones over the body. Great for combating stress, post work out fatigue or just as a warm pampering treat.

Full Body Massage (1 hour) £60*
30 Mins £35*

*Introductory Prices

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